FB_IMG_1503344167550Rye River Landscapes are firm believers in working with nature.

With a somewhat organic outlook, we try to minimize our use of herbicides, maximize organic matter content in growing media and by using mulch, we reduce weed germination and create habitat for micro life within the soil.

We have a zero-pesticide policy as we believe that introducing particular species of plants will encourage beneficial insects that either promote pollination and/or predate on harmful insects such as aphids.

Wild flower meadow

We have introduced an incentive for our clients to promote wild bird life in their area by putting nesting boxes in appropriate areas which we supply, erect and incur 50% of the purchase price.

Nesting Box

We actively keep up to date regarding the environment by attending seminars on best practices within the horticultural industry.

Below, attending the GLDA seminar on rewilding green spaces.